This page covers all of the various item types found in Arena.Xlsm. Items randomly drop from enemies when killed. The frequency of item drops are impacted by the luck ability and item find chance.

Standard ItemsEdit

Standard items are melee and ranged weapons that have no effect and a constant damage and range value. These either have no prefix or have the prefix "Used" or "Quality". There are 62 standard items in the game.

Magical ItemsEdit


Magical items have an affix or modifier that grants the item a magical effects.  Magical items have a variable damage and effect value. Magical effects become more potent and more varied when the items are dropped from higher level enemies. Magical effects that are numeric are also stackable, for example, if you had a "Crowbar of Experience" with an effect of +5% Fame and a "Ninja Star of Experience" with an effect of +6% Fame, the result would be a total impact of +11% Fame. There are 39 affixes in the game which can be combined with various standard items resulting in a total of 1,131 magical items in the game.

Enchanted ItemsEdit

Enchanted items do not drop from enemies. These are crafted through the spell Enchant Weapon. These enchantments are an item enhancement and do not remove any pre-existing magical effects from the item. The more times an item is enchanted, the stronger that enchantment becomes. There are 6 different enchantments: Glowing, Pulsating, Whirling, Glistering, Shimmering, and Sparkling.

Unique ItemsEdit

Unique items are melee and ranged weapons that have an effect and a constant damage and range value. These items only drop off of bosses. Unique items can be easily identified as they are displayed in all caps because of how awesome they are. There are 20 unique items in the game. 

Collectible ItemsEdit

Aside from melee and ranged weapons, collectible items can drop from enemies as well. These include Full Heals which are items which you can store until you want to heal yourself. If your spellbook is unlocked, you may also find blood drop from enemies which you can store until you want to use or unlock a spell.

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