Level 10
Health 500
Energy 40
First Boss
Second Chance to Burn
Third None
Melee: Claws (DMG: 36)
Ranged: Fire Breath (DMG: 24 RNG: 3)
Condition: None


The Dragon's biggest challenge is that it can burn the player at range. Some strategic options include:

  • Trap the Dragon behind a wall and hit it from a safe distance (the Dragon's range is 3 whereas the player has access to weapons with a range of 5). 
  • Use the fire in the arena to burn the Dragon has it approaches you.
  • Use the spell Fire Bolt to burn the Dragon while it is outside of your ranged attack range.

Unique Item DropsEdit

DRAGON CLAW (Damage: 65 Effect: Attacks cause the enemy to be clawed for extra damage.)

FIRE ARROWS (Damage: 65 Range: 5 Effect: Starts a fire at the target.)


Rather Dashing - Kill The Dragon.

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