The Ultimate Evil
Ultimate Evil
Level 35
Health 9000
Energy 115
First Boss
Second Various
Third Various
Melee: Pure Evil (DMG: 313)
Ranged: Shade of Evil (DMG: 235 RNG: 6)
Condition: None


The Ultimate Evil has 2 forms. The Ultimate Evil is customized to be a pain to deal with to counter your attribute allocation. The 2nd form which occurs at 50% health is designed to be a doppleganger of you and as such you'll need to adjust your strategy. The full list is below.

First Form:

  • If you have focused in Attack: Marksman and Chance to Teleport.
  • If you have focused in Defense: Touch of Death and Chance to Critical.
  • If you have focused in Accuracy: Brawler and Charge.
  • If you have focused in Luck: Life Leech and Reflects Damage.

Second Form: 

The first ability will always be Immune to Fire.

  • If you have focused in Attack: Brawler and Charge.
  • If you have focused in Defense: Immune to Spells and Life Leech.
  • If you have focused in Accuracy: Marksman and Chance to Teleport.
  • If you have focused in Luck: Chance to Critical and Chance to Dodge.
The arena has 4 magic pillars that are corrupted and will heal the boss for up to 1000 health per turn. These pillars can be purified to aid in your battle and actually attack the boss for up to 1000 damage per turn. The pillars can be purified by attacking them with a melee or ranged attack. The amount of purification is dependent on weapon damage. As a pillar becomes more pure it will turn from blue to green. The pillars will also become corrupted a small amount each turn, this means the player must make a strategic choice each turn whether to focus on purifying a pillar or to attack the boss directly. This also makes it impossible to have all 4 pillars completely purified at any given time. It's very important to carefully pick your targets.


Vanquisher of Evil - Kill The Ultimate Evil.

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